-Probability engine?

-IMprobability Engine!


-Like this: You use probability to travel. The less likely it is that you’ll be in a certain place right now, the quicker you’ll get there! They even wrote a book about the concept.

-That was a comedy with science fiction as a backdrop. With a robotic Italian cantina as the engine center.

-Yes, but the fundamental idea has been launched. Remember that science fiction has always been the basis for today’s reality.

-Okay, but this? How do you expect to get CLOSE to building something like this?

-Simple. I sit and wait.


-For real. I even thought about building a system based on probabilistic calculations for bingo and lotteries contained in a magnetic field, but I realized that it would be much more practical to sit and wait. After all, the engine runs with probability, right? The less likely an event is to occur, the closer it is. The probability of him appearing nearby is very small, which will bring him to me more quickly. Simple.



-That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard in my life.

November 17, 2023