bits and bytes

And here we go

WordPress announced that all of its sites will now serve as material to feed other people's AI bots, and it's your problem if you don't like it. Of course, for now they say that only blogs hosted on will be processed and regurgitated, but I doubt they won't insert a clause in the future that rules the hosting system themselves. As they say, it's "money on the table", just waiting for someone to come by and take it. Now I'm here migrating my stuff to another system, and for now I decided to stick with Bludit, which is a lightweight, clean, and much more basic system than Wordpress for website management, which has its pros and cons.

The good thing is that it is quick and simple to edit, and I can read directly into the theme's code to tweak it the way I want. It's much easier to DIY the theme when I want something more different.

The bad thing is that it's a lot of work to edit things, and the code doesn't always do what I want the way I want it. In other words, strange things still happen here, like images that are cropped or squeezed when the site is viewed on a cell phone.

I'm adjusting and cooking everything over time. After all, this has always been a homemade, organic site, without dyes or preservatives.

March 20, 2024